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MAAC History

The first District Director for the Eastern Region District VI was Bro. Tom Hunt from 1979-1983, initiated Beta Alpha and served under Eta Eta Lambda. Under the RVP, Bro. William Ross, the district’s very own, Bro. Ryle Bell served as the Assistant District Director. Additionally, Bro. Bell served as the Area Director for Washington DC from 1979-1994; the longest serving Area Director in MAAC history. Area Directors began in District VI during the 1980s.

Within the Eastern Region, several districts had already established associations/organizations for their assembly of chapters as follows:

·         District I – International Association of Alpha Chapters/IAAC (1975)

·         District II – Organization of New England Chapters/ONECA (1980)

·         District III – New York Association of Chapters of Alpha/NYACOA (1990)

·         District IV – New Jersey Association of Alpha Phi Alpha Chapters/NJAPAC (1991)

·         District VII – Virginia Association of Chapters of Alpha Phi Alpha (1950)

Leaving only District V (Pennsylvania) and District VI (Maryland/Washington D.C./Delaware) without an association. Upon election as Regional Vice President, Brother John “Tony” Mann asked for the District Directors without an association to form one. Brother Samuel G. Wilson was appointed District Director and the work to form an association was started in the Fall of 1991. The Area Directors during the initial term of Brother Wilson were:

·         Bro. Johnny McTwine (XXL) – Frederick, MD

·         Bro. Thad Taylor (IUL) – Montgomery and Prince George’s County, MD

·         Bro. Alan Cason (IAL) – Harford County, Baltimore County and Howard County

·         Bro. Alverne Chesterfield (DOL) – Eastern Shore, Annapolis and Delaware

·         Bro. Ryle Bell (OHL) – Washington DC

The District meeting in the spring of 1992 was held on the Campus of Johns Hopkins University in conjunction with the chartering ceremony for Sigma Sigma Chapter. It was at this district meeting where the constitution was adopted, and the name was selected and voted upon by the chapter delegates.

The name Mid-Atlantic Association of Alpha Phi Alpha Chapters (MAAC) was proposed by Brother Harry Evans and three different names were voted upon with Mid Atlantic Association of Alpha Phi Alpha Chapters (MAAC) winning by a large margin. It wouldn’t be until March 1992 at the annual district conference that the name would be ratified by the chapters under District Director, Bro. Sam Wilson; the Assist District Director was Bro. Koby Little (Sigma Sigma). The first election for MAAC officers was held at the District Conference in the spring of 1993 which was held at UMBC in Catonsville, MD. Brother Sam Wilson was elected as the first President of MAAC and served until 1995.

The District was known as Eastern Region District VI until the formation of the MAAC in 1992. MAAC and District VI are coterminous because the MAAC is a separate organization from the District, and the Regional Vice President has the authority to appoint someone other than the President of the District Association to become the District Director.

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